CHJH-York provides many services to the Hispanic Community.
They Include the following:
G.E.D. Insruction – For those who have not recieved their high school diploma, this class will prepare you for the G.E.D. exam. Having your G.E.D contributes to your employability.

English as a Second Language – This class teaches the fundamentals of the English Language for people that primarily speak Spanish.

Computer Literacy Classes – This class is designed to educate people who have little to no computer skills. Having typing and other technology skills, contributes to your resume and can help you to find or get a better job.

Assist in Job Placement – CareerLink Services of Pennsylvania visit our center every thursday, they provide materials and resources to find work in an unsteady employment climate.

Translation Services – This service is for anyone who needs to communicate through writing or speech, to another who speaks a different language.